Business Court Case

Court Case:

Following a change in the composition of the school board, the finance coordinator for a school district was reassigned to the (newly created) position of food services assistant. As a finance coordinator, she was a member of the management team that was in charge of finances for the entire school district and she supervised personnel in the finance department. She reported directly to the school superintendent. In her new capacity, she would serve as an assistant in the food services department and report to the food services coordinator. She was told to remove all of her personal items from her office and return her keys. However, her pay and benefits remained the same. The woman went on sick leave after the reassignment and never actually worked as a food services assistant. While on leave, she made repeated requests to the board for a job description for the new position. She never received a job description. At one point the board voted to eliminate the foodservice assistant position that they had just created and to which she had been reassigned, but then rescinded the vote. After exhausting her available paid sick leave and vacation, the woman submitted a letter of resignation. Was this a voluntary quit or a constructive discharge? Why?

Instructions for the essay:

Paragraph 1 – What are the legal issues? What are the legal rules that apply to these issues?

Paragraph 2 – How can the legal rules be applied to the court case? What is your conclusion?

Paragraph 3 – Summary of a related court case found that occurred in the last 5 years and how it relates to the above court case scenario either comparing similarities or showcasing differences.

-This essay needs to be written in the APA format.
-This essay needs to be 100% free of plagiarism.
-This essay needs to include a reference page with the reference for the related court case in paragraph 3. Please also include the internal citation for this reference within paragraph 3.
-Proper spelling and grammar needs to be used.