Assignment Prompt:

This week you are given two case studies in our Readings (in the Lessons) to compare and contrast the challenges faced by each. The two case studies describe very different types of businesses; one a service-oriented business, the other a product-oriented business. The first small business case study describes a restaurant entrepreneur/owner who is facing growing pains that desperately need a solution. The second case study is a product-oriented business. As you read the cases studies, note how these different businesses faced both somewhat similar and, at the same time, somewhat different challenges to their continued viability.

Start by reading both case studies and make notes of the business type, the situation the Entrepreneur/owner finds himself or herself in, and then thoroughly understand not only the depth, but the long term complications the challenges pose to the viability and growth of the business.


Your assignment this week is an essay describing as many possible solutions as you can think of to the challenges these companies face. Also in this paper you will describe both the risks and the possible rewards for each challenge/opportunity that you propose.

This assignment should be in APA format. Finalize and submit your 700 to 1050 word essay

Case studies are provided in the attached PDFs