Book Review and Related Improvements / Supply Chain Management

Description of the relevant content of the book
Describe content of the book that you found relevant to your career, your life, or how you think
about processes and quality. Describe WHY this content is relevant to you.
Describe REAL process improvements or changes in your own work or personal life as a result of
reading the book
o Describe exactly how you improved your processes , demonstrating
the improvements you describe:
o Describe (in words) how you have applied the principles from this book in your
personal or work processes. Your description must be SPECIFIC:
BAD DESCRIPTION: My personal life is now more efficient and fulfilling
OK DESCRIPTION: Because I read this book, I took everything out of my closet (see the
picture) and sorted through everythingthis is how I did the work resulting in my
donating 70% of my clothes to charity. Now my closet stays neat and
tidy all the time.
o The points awarded for this assignment will depend on how extensive and authentic the
descriptions appear.
Describe how the reading of this book has changed your thinking regarding the topic. Explain how your
career or personal perspective has changed as a result of the learnings described in this book.

I will Include Pictures after you have created the paper. I give you full creativity to think of things that would relate to this paper and the book review.

You can use either of the books provided.