Autobiography Assisgnment

Write an autobiography as if you were to become a social scientist. Start by reciting a brief history of your upbringing and what you have done since you ventured out on your own in life.  Compared to others, did you have it relatively easy in life handed to you on a silver platter or did you struggle?  Are you an optimist or more of a pragmatist?  Does nature or nurture better predict our dispositions and outcomes?  Think also of specific life experiences and how these have shaped you to be the Social Scientist you are or plan to be.  Do you consider yourself a Structuralist, Conflict theorist, Interactionist, Rational Choice theorist, or some other type of theorist?  Write out experiences that shape your social scientific approach within the field. In other words, we all tend toward some theoretical perspective more than others.  Think back to figure out what experiences in your life cause you to see social phenomena from the perspective that dominates your approach to matters.  This paper should be no longer than 3 pages in length No cover page is necessary on short papers.  The document must be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one inch margins. Uploaided is my autobiography-just rewrite following the above instructions.