Assignment 2

This assignment consists of several sections. At the end of each activity, you will present your findings, each on a separate page (or two) with the headings below, and submit them all under a cover sheet with

the title Assignment 2
your name,
Submitted to: (your professor),
MAN4900 and reference number, and
the date submitted.e.
For this and all subsequent assignments, please use a normal font (Times Roman, Arial, Calibri, Century Schoolbook, etc), 12 point font size and double spacing in a .doc or .docx file format. No hard copies are required to be submitted, just a file.

Assignment 2 outline

Cover page

1. MBTI 2

Visit this link (, and take the test.    Did you encounter any surprising findings?

2. National Career Outlook

What is the national outlook for your career? Identify projected job growth/decline, salary levels and trends and any other pertinent information. When you identify a good source, copy and paste the entry and include a citation at the bottom.  Cite your sources.

3. State Career Outlook

This page should follow the same format as the national, but reflect findings for your career in the state you intend to reside in. Dont forget the citation!

4. SWOT Analysis

To conclude this assignment, I’d like you to conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself.  To make this worthwhile, be candid with yourself.  Be sure to include those factors that are within and outside of your control, and those you can materially impact as well as those you will have to deal with,