Article Critique

you will select one of the articles from the list of options below to use as the basis for an article critique. After reading the empirical article, you will write a paper in which you identify the primary research question(s) and hypotheses of the study, explain the relevant background context, describe the sample and population and key independent and dependent variables, interpret main findings, and identify and explain main strengths and limitations of the study.

Your paper should be formatted using Times New Roman 12 point font and double spaced throughout. Papers should be approximately 3-4 pages in length. Use the headings from the grading rubric to organize your paper.
Article Choices:
**If you have any trouble accessing the articles, try copy/pasting the text below into the UArizona Library search bar
Select one of the following empirical articles to use as the basis for your article critique:
Bech-Sorensen (2016): Replication of Sex Differences in Mate Preferences
Roberts (2002) Effects of Menstruation on Attitudes Toward Women
Toomey (2010) Gender-Noncomforming LGBT Youth and School Victimization
Streissguth (1990) Prenatal Alcohol Effect on Later Child IQ and Learning