Any topic (writer’s choice)

Make a flier for your very own film festival!

Choose a title for your festival!
Write a thesis statement (1-2 sentences) that explains the cinematic and historical significance of the theme that grounds your festival.
Select a date, time and location for your festival and list that information on the flier.
Choose five films that you will screen at your festival. Write 2-3 sentences explaining your selection.
Create coherent visuals that support the theme of your festival.
This assignment can be done in many formats, I only ask that the required information be clear and identifiable.

Possible thematics:
LA Rebellion
Isaac Julien & Sankofa
Contemporary Cuban Films
Italian Neorealism
Experimental & documentary

Any of our course thematics are examples you might explore further as well. For example, if youre interested in exploring more about political or third cinema, you might choose to research and curate your own list.