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Please write a response to each of the following four questions. Each response should be no more than 250 words.

1.    Works of fiction can be considered to be cultural artifacts.  Studying fiction deepens our insights into historical public health events and informs our actions in the face of public health challenges. Give at least one example of a public health lesson that applies to the current COVID19 pandemic. Compare or contrast the response in Blindness(by Saramago) to the response in the U.S. to COVID19.

2.    If you were in charge of a national program to address negative representations of COVID-19, what lessons or insights could you draw from the first two decades of the HIV/AIDS pandemic? What approach would you consider to combat stigma and other social inequalities associated with the coronavirus? Please focus on one at-risk population, explain the reason why you chose this population, and describe one possible approach to address representations that perpetuate stigma and social inequality.

3.    Discuss and compare the underlying political, economic or social cause(s) of diaspora for TWO EXAMPLES.

4.    Considered the National Response Framework and its main components, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command Structure (ICS). We also discussed the importance of timely, reassuring, science based, and accurate communication by the government with its communities. Recalling the government’s response to the “White Blindness” in Saramagos novel, please compare and contrast the response and communication strategies to the current COVID19 pandemic of the previous Administration (Trump) with that of the current Administration (Biden).