Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write an argumentative essay in response to the following question:
How does a university education change when it moves from being primarily taught in a classroom to being primarily delivered online ? In light of these changes, is an online  education one worth pursuing? Is it responsible for publicly funded universities to promote such programs?
Here are some things you might consider in answering the question. The following questions are not themselves essay questions, they are simply here to get you thinking about what you might want to consider in answering the essay prompt above:
What is the difference between form and content when it comes to education?
With Dreyfus, If I ask you to read all the same books and watch all the same videos in an online class that I would in a face to face class, is there then no difference between classes?
With Adorno, what ideological commitments are being implicitly communicated in thinking about education as a form of content delivery?
With McLuhan, what messages do platforms like blackboard implicitly communicate to students and teachers about the nature of education?
With hooks – are there implicitly racist or sexist norms built into online learning environments? What are they?
Your paper should include
A clear thesis formulated in response to the essay question.
A clear argumentative structure (i.e. each paragraph ought to work as a premise to support your thesis)
Use of examples to support your thesis.
Consideration of counterexamples.
Consideration of evidence from relevant sources (i.e. texts we have studied in this course or relevant sources you’ve found outside the course).