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The best way to learn how to write a Blue Card is to write one yourself. For this assignment, you get to take on the role of Chief Innovation Officer to help an organization draft a clear and motivating Blue Card to trigger innovation and growth.

The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) is a trade association which represents over 300 bookstores and thousands of booksellers across 11 states in the southern United States.

SIBA is preparing to launch a program designed to help booksellers find a small batch-high margin product that will sell at stores throughout the region.

The idea for producing a non-book item that could boost the bottom line at stores in the South came to SIBA executive director Wanda Jewell after meeting with innovator Doug Hall, founder of Eureka! Ranch.

“My goal,” said Jewell, “is to create a high-margin item that will sell easily and often. That’s my dream.”

Help Wanda translate her dream for the Alliance into a clear and actionable Blue Card. 

Your Blue Card should be written to those helping her invent and launch this program and clearly state the organization’s strategic mission when it comes to what she wants to achieve, why its important to work on, and the specific exclusions and constraints that you’re all up against.

Free Writing for a Blue Card Strategic Mission:
Write about your mission. Dont worry about being perfect or clear, just use this space to get your thoughts onto the page. Free writing helps you think. This is NOT a final draft. In fact, your Free Writing will likely resemble a rambling conversation rather than a clear strategic directive and that is exactly the point. Use these prompts to help you get started.
Write about the Mission, what do you need ideas for?
Write the Narrative about WHY this matters
Write about the Exploration Areas
Write about Exclusions & Constraints