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Compose a Cause and Effect Essay discussing the effects of stress on either you personally or on college students in general.  If you used information other than common knowledge, you must cite the sources using MLA format.  This essay needs to be in MLA Format.  See page 355+  in the Bedford Handbook for a sample paper with Works Cited page.  This essay needs to be in the 5 paragraph format and not longer than two typed pages.  See pages 304+in the BH for documenting sources in MLA Style.    The essay is due on Thursday, April 8, but the assignment portal will remain open until 4/9.    The essay will need to be uploaded for plagiarism check.  See your BH for ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing.    Use information from the class lecture on stress from Dr. Tapley and Ms. Velasquez and see p. 345 in the BH on how to document from a class lecture in your essay.  JM