Any topic (writer’s choice)

Complete this activity by doing the required activity and posting your thoughts in a new thread and then respond to another student’s post by explaining why you find their article to be strong or weak evidence for climate change.

Find 1 news article from a reputable* news source discussing evidence of global climate change. The news article must be dated this year. Read through the article and post answers to the following questions:

What evidence of climate change does the news article discuss?
Does the evidence presented in the article affect your opinion about climate change? Why?
Do you think the evidence presented in the article would convince a climate change skeptic? Why?
Make sure you remember to post the title, author, and link to the article you reviewed. Read through other student’s posts to see if you are convinced by their evidence.

*To qualify as a reputable news source for this assignment you must use a major daily newspaper site such as the Washing Post, NY Times, LA Times, BBC, etc.