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Students will write a page that markets a recovery-oriented community mental health program for persons with HIV/AIDS.  the paper will present the cognitive and behavioral manifestations of the disease, offer cognitive, emotional, and social strategies for working with this population, include recovery-oriented principles, and integrate the Christian faith. Please include:

1 Introduction of HIV/AIDS Cognitive and Behavioral Manifestations : Introduction addresses both of the following: cognitive and behavioral manifestations in a clear and concise manner. The information is supported by peer reviewed psychology literature.

2. Treatment : Treatment approach addresses all of the following: A review of the history, research support, and interventions, including cognitive, emotional, and social strategies. All are addressed thoroughly. The information is supported by peer reviewed psychology literature.

3. Recovery-Oriented Principles  The treatment section highlights at least THREE recovery-oriented principles, integrating them into treatment for clients with HIV/AIDS.

4 Faith Integration : Faith integration is considered in the treatment process in at least TWO different ways.

5. Organization and Creativity  At least five academic sources are utilized, and references