Q1. Discuss the importance of understanding local cultures and their issues before execution of a global brand strategy. (150words)

Q1-1. Respond to peer’s posts. (20words each)

Peer’s post1: When planing on expanding a bland globally it is crucial to know how to speak to their audience in the right way in each country. It is highly important to get to know and do thorough research before expanding so that you know exactly what kind of market and people you are expanding and communicating your brand to. Every country is unique and so needs the brand strategy to be for each country. We got to learn about some of the critical ways to not do in this module of brands who werent cautious enough to do their research well before going global. And also the brands who did an exceptional way of globalizing their brand like Coca-Cola and Apple for example.

If a brand does not do the research and takes the time to do this carefully the brand can be harmed by it if it gets too bad. Just look at some of the brands in this module, a simple packaging design can make the customers think that the product the brand is selling is something completely different. So each place that the product, service, etc will be exposed to, there needs to be in-depth research behind it because otherwise, you dont know the trouble you might set the brand in.

Peer’s post2: Culture has a great impact on customers’ perceptions, including quality, price level, etc. Economic factors and competitors also influence the choice of an adaptive strategy. Part of the challenge is to deal with people’s different attitudes, behaviors, and interactions. Of course, there must be some cultural adaptation and flexibility when executing a global brand strategy.

One example of adapting the strategy is when The Walt Disney Company was being established in France. They failed to use a global strategy or standardized strategy. Many believed that the park would be closed due to the high losses. Management didn’t take into account the cultural differences, including language and human behavior, nor the differences between employment laws in the United States vs. Europe. This meant that they had to make changes and they switched from a global strategy to a more localized strategy. This really indicates the importance of understanding local cultures and their issues before the execution of a global brand strategy.

Q2. Take the Ford Mustang Mach-E brand global. Choose a country and think of three ideas that will introduce the Ford Mustang Mach-E to a new culture. (350words)

In this module, we’ve seen how brands, from Coke to Apple, have broken through borders around the world and carried their brand message consistently. Now it’s your turn to do the same for the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Choose a country and think of three executions that will fit within that culture while still staying true to your true line.

My true line is “We Move Forward for Future”