Format a report to an appropriate audience and explain the information in such a way as to speak to that particular audience. For example, if the first question is “What is breakeven”, you would need to explain contribution margin, breakeven, fixed, and variable costs – not only how to calculate but what it means to the president for example.

In case study #1, you are a consultant hired by the company and your report is directed to the president of the company. He will understand his company but will want information such as contribution margin and why that is used to calculate breakeven. When we grade, we read it as if we are the president of the company and you are the consultant.
Answer each question as if you were a consultant hired by the company and are presenting to the president.
For each answer explain the terminology and concepts used. For example, in #1 rather than just give the breakeven for each scenario, explain the change in the volume of sales, explain the calculation – this is a professional report from a consultant to an executive committee.
Use outside sources when necessary. CITE THEM.
When giving a recommendation, back it up with numbers.