A Proposal to Study How Nurses are Undervalued Within Their Profession

“This is to be a polished piece of persuasive writing, utilizing at least 8 appropriate sources. You will construct a clear and convincing argument regarding your chosen topic, one that both incorporates relevant, reliable outside sources and acknowledges opposing points of view.

So far you have identified a topic to investigate and gathered and evaluated a quantity of material that discusses your subject. Now, present your own researched opinion (your thesis statement) on this issue by using your findings to make a case.”

“Your paper may have one of two basic structures: (1) deductive/traditional argument, whereby you can present your position at the end of your introduction and use the body of your paper to support your claims and discuss opposing perspectives, OR (2) inductive/exploratory argument, whereby you can present the specific question you are considering at the end of your introduction and then use the body of the paper to explore the various positions or issues surrounding your topic before you present your thesis in the conclusion.”

***I have provided files that further explain the prompt. I also provided a document that explains the exact topic of research, as well as several reliable sources that you may use.

Page length does not include title page, abstract, or bibliography pages (the latter should include a header, as the paper has, and continue the papers numbering). The amount of directly quoted material should be no more than about 22% of the entire paper. Also, an appropriate title for the paper is needed.