17. The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria and China: Reasons for invasions; major events; results of

Students will be required to submit a research paper as a valid component of the course and its cumulative grade.  Research is a basic and necessary activity of the college experience, regardless of the course and discipline.  Students will utilize the following general guide:
Length:  5-7 pages of information; though paginated, title and bibliography pages are not included in the count
Font:  Calibri (Body), 11; this is to be used throughout the paper
Spacing:  Double (throughout the entire paper)
Sources:  Print (specific history books, magazines, journals):  minimum three (absolutely no textbooks, including the assigned text for this course, are to be used for this project)
Sources:  Electronic:  minimum three (Wikipedia, or more elementary and juvenile-oriented sites are not to be utilized for this project)
Maps and/or illustrations are not to be included within this project, including the title page
Abstract:  Essentially an introductory paragraph that will provide the intent of the project (should be on separate sheet of project, but not paginated)
Running header provided against top-left margin providing title of project on each page of paper, including cover page (may be smaller font-size than 11)
Pagination for all pages against top-right margin (example:  Page 1)
Documentary films as a source permitted; theatrical, television films not acceptable (refer to Mr. Yedwab as to specifics)